Gift Wrapping Ideas

Many crafters and crafts suppliers make the mistake of not offering gift wrapping on orders. You can either charge extra for the wrapping service or you can gift wrapping as a complimentary service.

We have listed down some ideas for you to get rolling with gift wrapping:

Get that gift box a luxury feel by using velvet ribbons on simple white wrapping paper.

Invest in some bows! Try on some new types of ready-made bows with simple strings. Believe me this is going to make your gift a boost there and then.

Think some out of the box ideas for wrapping those lovely handicrafts. When it comes to wrapping paper, use comics, wallpapers, old newspaper or a map from that vintage Atlas.

If you believe in Time being directly proportional to Money, then you might want to save some (time) and get an inventory of decorative gift boxes. These can prove to be a great asset!

Don’t believe in emblems? Well we think emblems can single handedly make or break your gift decorations.

Ever thought of jump rope or shoe lace as a tie knot? We did! And here’s what it looks like