What is Crafts Shop?

Crafts Shop is Pakistan’s finest marketplace that provides crafters and artists an opportunity to sell their creations online. Crafts.pk helps sellers focus on their creations while our team takes care of the business side of their shops.

Why Should I choose Crafts Shop?

Simplicity of our platform and the ease of use if the biggest reason why sellers love to sell here. We take regular feedback from our sellers and buyers to evolve our platform into something extraordinary. Our hassle-free model allows sellers to be free of stress and just focus on what they love; creating products. We do not charge any commissions on transactions or products that are sold. We have a minimal recurring charges, view our pricing for more details.

Can I define my own shop policies?

Yes, unlike any other platform, we give you an ability to define your own policies for your shop. Your own online shop means that you have more autonomy and you call the shots, not us. We just advise you on what the best strategy for your shop will be.

How can I use Crafts Shop on my phone?

Our platform is completely responsive, which means that you can get fully functioning shop on all devices and mobile phones. You do not need to download any special app to manage your shop. Just visit crafts.pk, login to your account and manager orders.

What products can I sell on Crafts.pk?

You can sell any handmade products like jewelry, furniture, craft supplies, lifestyle products, decorations, gifts, toys, party supplies, clothing, shoes, bags, artisan food, desserts, frozen delicacies and other kitchen products. Check our Terms & Conditions page for more information on what is not allowed to be sold.

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