Social Media Tools to Promote your Crafts Business

Whether you are beginning your new crafts business or you have been present in the industry for decades, your business needs to grow on social media to stay relevant. Those of us who have been regularly operating on the like of Facebook and Instagram, understand how time consuming it can be just to publish a new post across all the social platforms.

In this competitive age where time is money, we sure don’t want to spend hours publishing posts on all social media. So what is the solution? Well we have accumulated a number of tools that you can use to keep all your social media profiles and pages in one place. Imagine all notifications, all posts, all comments and management of posts from a single place… Exciting isn’t it?


1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most famous and recommended social media management tools. It is used by millions of businesses and professionals around the world, however, it is very easy to use. We suggest you should go with the free version of the Hootsuite application first which allows upto 3 social media profiles to be managed from a single place. The greatest feature that Hootsuite offers is audience engagement and complete report on your social conversations. Lastly, we love the measurable engagement growth which is depicted in a graph form!

2. SocialOomph

To boost your online marketing strategy, SocialOomph offers a variety of interesting features. The free version of this tool allows management of more profiles and offers more social platforms like Pinterest to be managed from one place. You have the ability to schedule updates. Something that no other offers is the ability to send a welcome message to your audience when they join a group or page. The paid version offers even more features that can help you monitor your strategy.

3. Buffer

If you are unsure about the best time to publish your new post, leave it to the intelligent platform called Buffer. This simple yet effective tool is really for the ones who like to do what they are good and nothing else at i.e. creating crafts. Accessibility and availability of this tools is epic! Download their app on your mobile or tablet, or just add a browser extension and get real time updates. The above features and many more make this tool a perfect marketing assistant.

4. Everypost

Not into tech and social stuff much? Everypost was created for you then! This tool helps makes social marketing and strategy as easy as having a piece of pie. If your business revolves around Instagram, this tool is not for you as you cannot manage your account with this tool. Also if you want to upgrade in the future, there are 5 flexible plans and one of it is free.

5. Social Sprout

Social Sprout is a little bit more distinct than the rest as it incorporates task management for different account users, reveals demographic information about the audience and allows you to search for the keywords your customers might be using. Now about the pricing, bad news; no freebies on this tool. You can checkout the tool in the free trial period, but if you are serious about using this tool, then you have to pay.